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August 26, 2008

  • Multi-Joint Exercises For Building Muscle Mass

    This Multi Joint Mass bodybuilding workout will give you the overall body mass and strength you are looking for. (…)

September 9, 2007

  • Want to Get Ripped? It’s All About Your Diet!

    It’s Here! Ripped Rulez Diet System DVD!
    Check It Out Now Click Here Ripped Rulez Diet DVD
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April 17, 2007

  • 4.5% Body Fat - Bod Pod Results!

    The Bod Pod
    Body Composition Analysis
    The Bod Pod is the most accurate way to measure your body fat.  Check out my most recent test results and see how the Bod Pod works and how easy it is to get measured. (…)

March 28, 2007

  • My 2007 Posing Routine Video

    This is the posing routine I am using in 2007 competitions.
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March 27, 2007

  • Ultimate Abs - The Tri-Set!

    Abdominals - The single body part that identifies you as a bodybuilder. Obtaining that well defined mid-section is not easy a feat. (…)

February 15, 2007

  • Trouncing Your Triceps To Pieces!

    When you see someone with well developed arms, you know the kind that makes you want to say holy s_ _ _ ! You can bet that person knows a thing or two about proper tricep training. (…)

  • Sharpen Your Shoulders to Precision!

    Shaping your shoulders and giving your upper body that subtle award winning detail takes more than just a pair of cannon ball delts. (…)

  • Forge a Chiseled Chest!

    The Bench Press, The Incline Press, Flys, Dips these are all fabulous exercises for building a massive chest. (…)

  • Blow Up Your Biceps!

    Everyone wants big guns, arms that display the endless hard hours you put into the gym on a weekly basis. (…)

  • The Bomb For Blasting Your Back!

    Width, thickness, shape and detail all come to those who train there back with the attention to detail it demands. (…)

February 14, 2007

  • Killer Quads! Let The Pain Begin!

    Are you ready to Quantify your Quads?
    A strong foundation is what every well constructed structure must always start with. Your body is no different. (…)

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