2008 INBA Iron Gladiator Champion

Just a quick update on the progress I have made this year on my road to the 2008 INBA Natural Olympia.

  • 2008 INBA Iron Gladiator - 1st place.
  • 2008 INBA International Forever Championship- 1st place.
  • 2008 INBA Team USA- 1st place Masters Division, 2nd place Open Division.

I have just returned from Venice California where I took a first in three out of the four divisions I entered in the Team USA and International Forever Championships. I took two days off and I am back hitting it harder than ever preparing to do battle against some of the best natural physique athletes in the world.

I am feeling very confident that I will hit the stage in San Francisco on November 8th for the Natural Olympia in the same condition I was in for the Team USA. I was the best conditioned athlete on stage that day and will be sure to be in the running for a Gold Medal in San Francisco.

I have finally perfected my natural bodybuilding competition diet and can duplicate it as often as I need to with only two weeks’ notice. I have added a few needed pounds of lean muscle mass and by incorporating an intense high volume weight training routine this year I have created a fuller more complete look on stage.

As always I am looking forward to meeting athletes from across the Globe that possess the same passion for the Natural Bodybuilding lifestyle that I do. The Natural Olympia is by far the most prestigious Natural Bodybuilding event in the world. It is always an honor to represent the United States and I’m looking forward to returning home victoriously.

I will be posting the results when I return the week of November 9th. Until then keep hitting it hard, keep eating clean and stay Natural.

Michael Ferencsik / INBA Forever Natural Universe Champion

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