I was Just Crowned The “Natural Universe” Forever Natural Champion!

I am not only pleased but I am extremely honored to announce that I took first place in the Forever Natural division of the 2007 INBA Natural Universe competition held in Venice California on November 3rd. As always the INBA Natural Universe drew athletes from all over the world from New Zealand to Sweden. As usual I was overwhelmed with the quality of athletes that represented their individual countries.

For me winning a world title in the Forever Natural division is the most meaningful recognition I can receive for the past thirty-two years of hard work and dedication that I have devoted to Natural bodybuilding. The Forever Natural division is open to all athletes regardless of age who have passed the required polygraph test that is administered to determine if indeed you have experimented at any time in your life with illegal performance enhancing drugs or illegal diuretics.

The INBA requires all other divisions such as the Master’s, Open and Pro’s to be drug free for the past three to five years. In these divisions we are all tested via urinalysis and blood. The testing is conducted by WADA (The World Anti Doping Agency). The very same organization that test’s all the Olympic athletes for the International Olympic Committee. The INBA’s commitment to drug free sports is what attracted me to the organization initially and why it continues to gain my respect and support with each competition I’m involved with.

As the 2007 Forever Natural champion I am making it a goal to spread the word and the endless benefits that natural bodybuilding has to offer. From teens to seniors we can all enjoy a healthy and vibrant life by letting Natural bodybuilding lead the way.

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