2007 INBA Team USA/International Forever Natural Results

1st pace International Forever Natural - Masters Division
1st Place Team USA - Masters Division

I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update on my results in the Team USA /International Forever Natural Bodybuilding championships. I am very proud to announce that I had a very successful weekend by winning both Masters divisions that I entered.

International Forever Natural
I am equally excited by both achievements. First, the International Forever Natural is something that I consider to be one of my shining moments in my competitive career. As a Forever Natural Bodybuilding competitor you are required to undergo a polygraph test. This test is created to confirm to the best of its ability that you have never taken any type of performance enhancing drugs in your lifetime. The banned substances are not just limited to anabolic steroids but any type of prescription or non prescription diuretics as well. The Forever Natural competitions give me an opportunity to compete with others who have been drug free their entire life.  With my belief in Natural Bodybuilding and the fact that I have never experimented at all with any type of banned substances makes this International title very meaningful to me.

Team USA
I am very honored to have won the Masters Division in the Team USA Championships. As the   number one representative from the United States in the Masters division I will be competing against representatives from forty other countries in Thessaloniki Greece for the Natural Olympia title November 25, 2007. I am also extremely honored to have been chosen to be the men’s team Captain and look forward to working with my fellow team mates as we bring home the Gold.

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