Starting early at 10 years old!Ripped Teen Rulez is dedicated to laying the proper foundation for youths looking for ways to improve their health and appearance through proper eating habits and exercise. Ripped Teen Rulez encourages the true natural bodybuilding lifestyle. A lifestyle centered on clean wholesome living. It teaches discipline dedication, patience and perseverance. Most importantly it stresses a life free of destructive performance enhancing drugs.

Over the last thirty years bodybuilding has given me an invaluable blue print to follow. At this juncture in my life what I enjoy most is the opportunity to pass along that blueprint to young body builders just starting out.

In our microwave society bodybuilding like so many other sports has taken a very dangerous detour. Because of the fast pace lives we all live the demands for instant results create the need for young bodybuilders to seek out dangerous life threating shortcuts. Once the bodybuilding bug bites I can tell you there is no turning back. That’s when I feel I can make the biggest impact. My main objective is to encourage young bodybuilders to take the natural approach. This approach demonstrates the value of patience and how to enjoy the journey and all the physical and emotional benefits it has to offer.

Bodybuilding started to gain promenace in the 1950’s with athletes like Jack Lalanne and Steve Reeves leading the way. They were true natural bodybuilders who are shinning examples of what living the natural lifestyle can do for ones overall health and well being. These same life long benefits are available to anyone young or old who has the courage to simply say NO TO DRUGS!

Bodybuilding is all about elevating your health not destroying it and all those around you through the abuse of anabolic steroids.I am most proud of the fact that I have never experimented with any type of performance enhancing drugs. I do admit to being incredibly tempted while in my teens. Bulking up at 22 years oldThat’s why I feel I can relate to the young bodybuilder who finds themselves with a passion for sports and a need to elevate there performance and appearance by taking illegal shortcuts. I can help steer the young athlete away from the destructive lifestyle of drugs and cheating that never has a positive outcome. The lifestyle that I show is possible through hard work and patience will enhance their lives well into there adult years.

Age 25I invite young bodybuilders and all young athletes to take advantage of the informative articles and helpful videos I offer on my site. More and more are going to posted as the weeks and months pass by. Most importantly I encourage parents to get involved and become as educated about natural bodybuilding as they can. My consultation services will help young bodybuilders and their parents learn more about the endless benefits natural bodybuilding offers and the dangers of the darker side of the sport as well. I will be able to develop proper age appropriate training programs and proper eating regimens. These programs will lay the foundation and show first hand how beneficial natural bodybuilding is and how much you can achieve with patience and the right approach. Everyone possesses the ability to reach their ultimate goal whatever it is. Let natural bodybuilding show you the way.
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